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42 Challenge

This is a really unique challenge as it's not just books, but anything Sci Fi related-movies, TV, poetry, comics, graphic novels, etc. Wanna join? Click HERE:

Officially starts January 1, 2009. Officially ends December 3, 2009. Giving you 42 weeks and 42 days. Unofficially, you can start whenever you join. (If that makes you feel better.) And unofficially you can finish whenever you can--early or late.

Your mission--if you choose to accept it--is to read, watch, listen, and review 42 sci-fi related items. (Items isn't the best word, but how else would you define all that this challenge could involve). What's acceptable? Practically everything: short stories, poetry (???), novellas, novels, episodes of TV shows, episodes of radio shows, movies, comic books, graphic novels, audio books, essays or articles about science fiction or science fiction writers, biographies of science fiction authors. This isn't quite as intimidating as it sounds. This is much more than a reading challenge. It would be intimidating (in all likelihood) to try to read that many books. But when you make each short story, each TV show episode count as individual items, then it is much more manageable I hope! (This challenge could be as easy as watching Season 1 and Season 2 of Stargate SG-1, for example.)

No lists are needed. Really. If you want to post about the challenge and talk about what you hope to get to that's fine, of course, but no one will hold you to it!

Save your list-making for later. Please make a post and list each item that you do read/watch/listen/whatever. You can link to your review there on that one post if you like.

Do you have to read anything? If you want to just watch TV shows and movies, that's fine. As long as you list/review them.

When you say review do you mean "review"? It can be completely casual. Think of it as a one-sided conversation you'd have with a friend. Talk about what you liked, disliked, if you'd recommend it, if you'd want to read/watch it again. You can get analytical if you like. But you don't have to get 'deep' unless you want to. The reviews aren't like writing for a grade. There is no judgement. :)

You can approach this in several ways. You could aim to do something A-Z ish. (Skipping the harder letters). Or you could go by decades and try to touch a little bit of everything. But really you make the rules when it comes to picking what you want this challenge to do for you.

To sign up for the challenge, leave a comment with your email address. Yes, there are ways to leave it where you won't be spammed. laney_po AT yahoo DOT com (for example). But if you feel really strongly about NOT leaving your email address at a stranger's blog...then send me an email. Why the need for an email address??? Well, I want to invite participants to join this blog. They can then post their lists/reviews on this site. (It's fine to also post the reviews on your own site as well.) This way everyone can keep up with everyone else's progress. It's always a good way to get recommendations too! OR you can just make one post where you list (see below) your 42 as you go. So obviously, you'll start out blank...but then the list will fill out as you go.

My List:
Items are reviewed on my blog click titles for reviews.

1.Book-Urban Shaman by C. E. Murphy

2.Beowulf DVD (animated starring voice talent: Angelina Jolie, Ray Winstone, Anthony Hopkins-really very good, the artwork was astounding, very violent, not for little kids but my 12 YO had no problem with it-4 stars)

3.Book-Golden Fleece by Robert Sawyer-DONE-2 stars.

4.Book-Those Who Hunt The Night by Barbara Hambly-DONE-5 stars.

5. The Spirit DVD-starring Samuel L. Jackson and Eva Mendes-sorry to say but this was horrible! Sin City was bad, but this film made Sin City look like Shakesphere. Someone needs to stop letting Frank Miller write Dialog as he has ZERO talent for it. So glad I rented it for a buck ZERO stars.
6.Star Trek TNG "The Lost"-another overarching bratty Deanna Troi story: 2.5 stars
7.Star Trek TNG "Data's Day"-one of my favorites, gotta love Data and O'Brien's Wedding, and I believe the first appearance of Spot?-5 stars.
8. Star Trek TNG "The Wounded"-1st Cardassian's! Great story-5 stars
9.Star Trek TNG "The Devil's Due"-another fantastic story-a classic!-5 stars
10. Book: All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris

11.(Movie) Wolverine: Origins-starring Hugh Jackman-this "Old School" comic fan was very pleased with the movie. Lot's of action, Jackman obviously studied up on Wolvie mannerisms and character as he did a great job, and Liev Schribers Sabretooth was A+ as well-5 stars!
12. (Movie) Star Trek-starring Chris Pine and Zachery Quinto-I loved it, my husband not so much as the time travel aspect made him feel that the "altered universe" basically "wipes out" all previous Trek storylines. I disagree, though. All in all, I felt the cast was great and I'm looking forward to the next film. 5 stars!

13.Book: From Dead To Worse by Charlaine Harris
14. Book: Dead And Gone by Charlaine Harris
15.Star Trek TNG "Clues"-interesting story of the crews encounter with a highly xenophobic world and the drastic choice one crewmember must make to save the crew's lives-3.5 stars

16.Star Trek TNG "First Contact"-fantastic story of how the federation secretly goes undercover on a burgeoning world on the brink of space travel to "feel out" if they are ready for "first contact" with the federation-a classic Next Gen story-5 stars.

17.Star Trek TNG "Galaxy's Child-Geordi's fateful second meeting with his holo crush Dr Leah. Sparks fly as Geordi meets his crush in "the flesh". Very good and painful to watch for poor Geordi's sake:) 4 stars.

18.Star Trek TNG- "Night Terrors"-almost feels like a Halloween or "horror" episode. OK-definately not a favorite-2.5 stars.

19.Star Trek TNG-"Identity Crisis"-great Geordi storyline! 5 stars.

20.Star Trek TNG- "The Nth Degree"-BARCLAY! Enough said-5 stars.

21.Star Trek TNG-"Qpid"-a classic! Q, Vash, and the crew as Robin Hood and his merry men? What more could you want? LOL 5 stars.

22.Star Trek TNG- "The Drumhead"-another classic! Season 4 is the best. Jean Simmons is brilliant in her portrayal as Admiral Satie! 5 stars

23.Star Trek TNG "Half A Life"-Probably one of my top five TNG episodes! I always cry with this one-5 stars!

24.Star Trek TNG-"The Host"-a goody but Crusher and Riker kissing dis freak me out a bit. An interesting prespective on what "love" means-is it the physical or mental that we are most attached to? 4 stars.

25.Star Trek TNG-"The Mind's Eye"- another great Geordi storyline (which I don't think we see that much more of in following seasons)-the premise of brainwashing through his visor is intriguing-4 stars.

26.Star Trek TNG- "In Theory"-another of my favorites-great "Data in love" story. 5 stars.

27.Star Trek TNG-"Redemption, part I"-pivotal Worf story! 5 stars
28.Star Trek TNG- "Redemption, part II"- Season FIVE: loved getting Worf back on the Enterprise and of course Selah, Tasha's daughter! 5 stars.

29.Star Trek TNG- "Darmok"-love Paul Winfield but this is one of my least favorite episodes. 3 stars.


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