Monday, December 22, 2008

"Almost" Challenge #3

Ah, yes, yet another bad book that I couldn't finish. This one was for Readers Of Romance Winter Challenge. #3-A book with a "D" Word in the title. Back to the drawing board.

My Amazon Review:
too lusty for a lady...., December 19, 2008
Awaiting a welcome death after a duel, Lord Henry Langdon hides in a stable--and is discovered by a young gentlewoman. Despite his protests Miss Elisabeth insists on nursing him back to health, though as far as Lord Langdon is concerned, he is not worth saving. Jilted as a young man, he swore off love long ago and turned to a life of gambling, drinking and dissolute pleasures. To his surprise, Elisabeth's tender touch brings healing and hope. Lord Langdon is enthralled by her beauty--and ready to give his heart to her forever. But how can he explain his past? When Elisabeth discovers the dark scandal that shadows him, Henry must convince her that he has changed his ways--for a future filled with the love of one woman only...

my review:
from the great cover and interesting synopsis, I had high hopes for this traditional Regency Romance. This was one of the last "traditional" Regencies that Zebra published and from this story I can see why. This book did not hold to any of the tenants of a traditional Regency. First, the book was way to sexual and flirtatious. No Regency man, and especially no Regency gentlewoman, would have behaved this way. Even a Rake. Groping, touching, kissing, leering-in any other style romance maybe, but not in this sub-genre.

Finally, for someone who supposedly studied Regency England, the author has many huge, gaping gaffes,flaws, and mistakes to what was acceptable for the time period. Again, if this would have been, let's say a fantasy, paranormal, or even a "thicker" Historical set in the time, these gaffes may have been overlooked. But not in a traditional Regency Romance-it's like seeing a football player in a tutu-it can be done, but nobody wants to see that.

1 star for a good cover. Not recommended.

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