2011 Challenges I'm Participating In

Goal: same as last year 20,000 pages

current total-1173 as of 1/23/11
current total-2729 as of 2/21/11

Goal: 20 books

current total-zero

Goal: 4 books in 4 categories=16 books

current total-six read

Goal: 6 books

current total-one of six done

Goal: 10 books
current total-zero

Goal: 1000 traditional Regency Romances
current total-27
Goal: 70 books
current total-10

Goal: 15 books (Winter Challenge)
current total-14(finished)

Goal:  15 books (Spring Challenge, March-May)
current total-
10-2011 Public Domain E-book Challenge

Goal: 52 books
current total-2 books

11-The Buck Stops Here Challenge

Goal:  52 books
current total-10

12-Forgotten Treasures Challenge

Goal: 25 books
current total-2