Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Thousand Regency Challenge

Thought I'd challenge myself:). No time limit-just a goal of 1000 of the thin, Traditional Regency Romances (since I actually already OWN over 1000 Regency Romances). If you are also a traditional Regency Romance fan, please feel free to play along and keep your own list on your blog.

My finished book list:
1-Falconer's Hall by Jacquelyn Aeby-DONE-3 stars
2-Snow Angel by Mary Balogh-4 stars
3-The Christmas Charade by Karla Hocker-3.5 stars
4-A Talent For Trouble by Anne Barbour-3 stars
5-The Lady In Question by Judith Laik-3 stars
6-The Man In The Green Coat-Carola Dunn 4.5 stars
7-Emily Goes To Exeter by Marion Chesney-4 stars
8-The Wild Rose by Rebecca Ward-4 stars
9-Newmarket Match by Anita Mills-4 stars
10-An Unquestionable Lady by Rosina Pyatt-4 stars
11-At The Sign Of The Golden Pineapple by Marion Chesney-3.5 stars
12-Sweet and Twenty by Joan Smith-3.5 stars
13-Bewitched By Love by Desjardien, Holbrook and King-3 stars
14-Belinda Goes To Bath by Marion Chesney-4 stars
15-A Spirited Romance by Alana Clayton-3 stars
16-Out Of The Common Way by Melissa Lynn Jones-3 stars
17-The Jewelled Snuff Box by Alice Chetwynd Ley-3.5 stars
18-A Wife For Warminster by Margaret Summerville-4 stars
19-Jack O'Lantern by Kathleen A. Shoesmith-3 stars
20-A Christmas Promise by Mary Balogh-4 stars
21-Enchanting Jenny by Zabrina Faire-3 stars
22-Lady Jane by Norma Lee Clark-5 stars
23-Christmas Wishes by Barbara Metzger-4 stars
end of 2010!

24-Christmas Beau by Mary Balogh-5 stars
25-The Ruby Ghost by June Calvin-2.5 stars
26-The Would-be Witch by Rita Boucher-4.0 stars
27-Lord Of Illusions by Rita Boucher-4.0 stars
28-Lady Delafont's Dilemma by Donna Simpson 5 stars
29-Lady May's Folly by Donna Simpson-5 stars
30-Lord Rivington's Lady by Eileen Jackson-4 stars

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