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Kiss of Darkness by Sharon Brondos

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Kiss of Darkness
Sharon Brondos
Silhouette Shadows #32

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The dark dilemma

Adrian Smith's latest orders tore at a conscience that shouldn't exist, pricked a heart that was his curse. But he'd made his deal with Death centuries ago, and now he had to do Its bidding. He would kill the scientist who was on the brink of prolonging human life; then he would return to his own private hell...

Adrian had expected his prey to be an old man whose time was near, but instead, he found himself preparing to harm a beautiful young woman, bursting with life. Yet Adrian could no sooner murder Sue Cooper than he could hope to fight Death and Its agents of evil when they came to do the job themselves...

My Review:
Kiss of Darkness was fairly good if a bit overly dramatic Vampire Romance. The author did have an unusual approach to your typical Vampire story but there was a bit too much weakness in the heroine, and machismo in the hero to rate it at 3 stars or more. It was too high strung and "Gothic" to take at all seriously. The love scenes were bland and "purple prose"-which those who dislike any discription in love scenes might like,though I did not. The scenes kind of reminded me of an old 50's love story where the love scene shows some silly, flowery symbolic stuff during the "act" then returns to the couple in bed smoking-LOL.
Enjoyable but forgettable.
2.5 stars.

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