Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dead And Gone by Charlaine Harris

Dead And Gone
Charlaine Harris
Sookie Stackhouse mystery #9
Rating 5 stars

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A new Sookie Stackhouse book is always a treat! Sookie is a sexy, sassy cocktail waitress who works at Merlotte's Bar in Bon Temps, Louisiana. She's just a regular gal, with all the normal hopes and fears, about dating, boys and life in general - oh, and she's telepathic. And her boyfriends have included Vampire Bill, her first love and the were-tiger Quinn. And Bon Temps is a pretty normal rural town, where murders are mercifully rare. Well, maybe not that rare, as Sookie keeps finding out in this award-winning, New York Times bestselling series! And this autumn Sookie comes to the small screen in True Blood, created by Alan Ball (Six feet Under) and starring Anna Paquin as the irrepressible heroine.

My Review:
My husband was able to get this newest Sookie book at our library so as you can see I had to play "catch up" and read All Together Dead and From Dead To Worse so I could read Dead and Gone before it had to be returned to the library. Of these three, Dead and Gone is hands down better than the previous two! My husband flew through the book first and stated that he felt was the best of the series so far, and I agree. The action, "hot" romance and mood of this story was very much "larger than life". The final "battle royale" put me very much in the mindset as when I read Harry Potter 7. Some semi-pivotal characters are "Xed" out of the story, one way or another.

The story is "almost" written, dare I say, that Charlaine could stop the series right here if she so chose-GASP! LOL. Now, I don't think that's the CASE, but Dead and Gone definitely has a "wrap up" feel.

Finally-without giving up too much: If you are on "Team Eric"-you MUST read Dead and Gone:)
5 stars!

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  1. OH WOW!! I so want to read this book!! And I'm so team Eric :) But I need to read book 8 first!!
    Thanks for a great review :)