Monday, March 7, 2011

Lady May's Folly by Donna Simpson

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When Lady May van Hoffen sets out on a ride across her country estate, she anticipates nothing more than a sentimental visit to the Gothic folly where she played as a child. Yet while the sight of a wounded man within its stone walls is quite shocking, what is more amazing is the man's identity. For it is Etienne Delafont who lies bleeding in the cottage, the gallant Frenchman who helped May escape from a devious kidnapper--and the man both May and the ton have believed dead for months! With just one glance at the darkly handsome Etienne, May knows that her innocent tendre for him has survived, as well. Sheltering him may be a scandalous notion, but for once the risks don't signify. And for May, the chance of danger is far less frightening than the idea that her greatest folly may be losing her heart...

My review:

I loved the previous book in this trilogy, Lady Delafont's Dilemma, so much, and wanted to see what happens to May and Etienne, that I went through my TBR boxes, grabbed my copy of Lady May's Folly, and read it all the way through in about 3 hours! 

Etienne and May, are in many ways, complete opposites, but the chemistry is there. Etienne is the comsumate French "reformed Rake"- a good hearted scoundrel, a gourmand of, in his words "deliciously plump  and voluptuous older widows". 

Etienne is a "sigh worthy" hero-very sexy, very French, and very much "saved" by May's goodness. Even his recurrent use of his endearment for May, "little one"-which would normally make me cringe, made me wish for my own Etienne-LOL. He seemed a sexy younger version of a Maurice Chevallier! 

May, is everything that Etienne normally runs from-prim, uptight, thin and willowy and small busted. He's a town playboy and she's a country mouse ala Tomboy who actively dislikes most men.  But May has very real, abusive reasons for her fear and dislike of men and Etienne is the perfect, gentle and sweet "tutor" that shows her that not all men are cads or lechers.

Another good one from Donna Simpson-5 stars.

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