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Lady Delafont's Dilemma by Donna Simpson

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Lady Emily Delafont wanted to be alone. For five years, she lived a solitary life in Yorkshire, finding serenity and almost forgetting him. Baxter. The Marquess of Sedgely. Her husband. She knew that their marriage had been stormy, but she never expected Baxter to abandon her for his trip to the Continent. Now nothing would have prompted Lady Emily to have seen him again -- except a message that he was in danger.


Attacks upon his person by a secret enemy had put his life in danger, but it was meeting Lady Emily again that truly put Baxter in peril. She was still completely kissable! But in his mind, only one thing stands in the way of full reconciliation -- the dashing young Frenchman Bax believes to be his wife's lover. Pride will not let him claim his wife if she prefers another man -- yet passion will not let his soul rest until he has the only lady he has ever loved in his arms again....

My Review:

Donna Simpson is turning into one of my favorite authors. I've read Lady Savage and Lord St. Clair's Angel by her and really enjoyed them. The heroine in this story, Emily, is the Aunt of Celestine in Lord St. Clair's Angel. The fact that she has been separated from her husband for 5 years is mentioned in that book though you needn't read it to enjoy this book (though I HIGHLY recommend it).

It's a sign of great writing that this author could take several subjects that I normally hate to read about-love triangle, separation, and adultery, but still write an engaging, moving, and in my opinion, very romantic/highly sensual story. I love that the couple-who are in their thirties and forties, are written with the normal aging we all go through (graying hair, gaining a few pounds, not as active as we once were) but they are still desirable to each other, others and still want sex! LOL! We don't stop wanting it just because we age:)

 I also applaud the author for having a male friend of the couple, who plays matchmaker to get them back together, who is witty and heroic, and well loved by his friends, who is also Gay. It is approached with sensitivity and heart and leaves the reader wanting to know how Sylvester Lessington's story finishes-I wonder if we ever find out in another book?

A great Regency-so good I had to hurry and read the last book in the trilogy, Lady May's Folly, next!
5 stars.

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