Monday, March 14, 2011

Lord Rivington's Lady by Eileen Jackson

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Lord Rivington began by virtually assaulting Georgina at their first chance meeting. Then this incredibly wealthy and handsome aristocrat publicly mocked Georgina's views on the rights of women while the cream of Regency society looked on. From there he went on to physically thrash Georgina's beloved brother, financially ensnare Georgina's family, not bother to deny his shameful relationship to a servant girl - and arrogantly demand Georgina in marriage.

Georgina had every reason to detest this thoroughly impossible and egotistical male. She vowed that nothing in the world would make her join the list of victims of his charms. Indeed, Lord Rivington was due for a richly earned comeuppance - and Georgina for a most unexpected awakening...

My Review:

Lord Rivington's Lady was a very good "Old School" Regency that have quite a Pride and Prejudice vibe to it. Georgina was overall a good heroine, an outspoken Lady of Quality though living in Poverty after her father squandered the family fortune gambling. I do wish she would have come to her senses about Alexander, the hero, earlier in the story, as it would have been a five star book then. Lord Rivington is very much a "Mr Darcy"-a hero that hides his emotion, as lessons learned from his abusive past.

 Overall, a fast, fun Regency read. 4 stars.

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