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The Bride Ship by Deborah Hale

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A Ship Full Of Women Could Only Cause Trouble! 
Of that Governor Sir Robert Kerr was certain, just by considering their chaperon! Though a widow, Mrs. Jocelyn Finch was young, vivacious and utterly determined to have her own way – especially with him!
Challenging the governor of Haliax, Nova Scotia to a duel was obviously a poor way to introduce herself. but when Sir Robert accused Jocelyn and her charges of something less ladylike than husband-hunting, what else could she do? Besides, someone had to show this straitlaced, yet gloriously compelling figure of a man that there was more to life than doing one's duty!

My Review:
Another winner by Deborah Hale. I like that the heroine was more experienced and worldly than the hero-a former soldier who is very straight laced and uptight, till he meets Jocelyn. I always like the premise of a bride ship or group of women on their own (like in the great old Western Westward The Women)

The romance between the two is not the "love at first sight variety" but more of a friendship that builds over time. The love scenes are late in the book but are fairly racy when they arrive. I applaud the author for having the heroine be in a functional relationship previously and she also has a normal sexual appetite as well. It gets tiresome in romances that every heroine who's a widow has to be from a abusive relationship to be able to find love.

All in all, a great Harlequin Historical. 4.5 stars.

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