Monday, April 19, 2010

Unfinished-Susie by Jennie Tremaine

Synopsis:Candlelight Edwardian Special #685

Poor little Susie. A beautiful dreamer, she imagined herself happy in a rose-covered cottage, only to find herself mistress of a great damp castle and wife to the elderly Earl of Blackball.

Luck, not the lecherous earl, contrived to spare her. She was a wealthy young widow on her wedding night. But her trials had just begun. The old countess was determined to turn the simple miss into a sophisticated lady...while handsome Sir Giles was determined to unmask her as a dangerously cunning minx. Sweet, naive Susie. Luck had brought her a fortune she'd never wished for, but what happy accident could make her innocent dreams of love come true?

My Review:
As a big time Marion Chesney fan (AKA Jennie Tremaine) I cannot believe how bad this story was. The heroine, Susie, is a 17 year old who is a step above a simpleton who lives the majority of the book making up a fantasy land in her head. The "hero" is a jerk, who in one page declares he loves Susie, and in the next he calls her a conniving bit@h!

Take my advice and skip this strange, negative tale. Zero stars.

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