Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Newmarket Match by Anita Mills

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Miss Harriet Rowe felt she had little to offer her step-cousin, Lord Richard Stanton. The dashing viscount was the most handsome gentleman in London, with a bevy of beauties pining for his attention, while Harriet, a shy country miss, had only the stuffy Mr. Edwin Thornton as a suitor.

But Harriet did have one thing to give a man who already had her heart without knowing or caring. She had the money to lend him for a racehorse he desperately wanted but could not presently afford.

That made them partners in the pursuit of gold and glory on the racecourses of England. But it still left Harriet a mere spectator in the sport of love unless she kicked over the traces and made a reckless run for romance....

My Review:
A excellent old fashioned "high drama" Regency by Anita Mills. Filled with horse racing, hateful relations, "misunderstandings" tragic accidents, fun servants, and redemption. 4 stars!

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