Monday, December 7, 2009

Rendezvous by Serena Richards

Rendezvous by Serena Richards (AKA Susan Carroll)
Historical Romance 1991

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Their love was the greatest peril of all...

Belle Varens... Beneath her silk gowns and frilly corsets beat the steely heart of a spy.
Sinclair Carrington... A master of deception, he possessed dark secrets of his own.

In the stormy days of the French Revolution, Belle risked her life to rescue aristocrats from the keen blade of Madame Guillotine. Danger was the only way she could escape the heartbreaking memories of her past... until Sinclair Carrington unlocked a reckless yearning in her heart that she had so long denied. Consumed by intrigued -- and desire -- they knew it was the wrong time and the wrong place to fall in love... but their passion had never felt so right...

My Review:
This Historical Romance set mainly in France towards the end of Bonaparte's reign, was a great "spy Romance". This is an early book of the now famous Susan Carroll, written under one of her many pseudonyms. I loved that the heroine and hero and "older and wiser"-a refreshing change from all the "19 and virginal" historicals that seem to dominate the field. Some may not like the side story aspect of Isabelle's former husband who surprisingly comes back into her life, but it is handled well, and nothing "romantic" happens between the two so adultery is not an issue.
I do wish that a-the story had been a little more on Isabelle's and Sinclair's relationship and less on their spy mission and that the story was a bit more in the love scene department as they had very good chemistry. That being said-the love scenes are such that they are tame enough to not offend readers who don't like to read that.

Overall a good Regency Historical-4 stars.

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