Monday, December 14, 2009

Snow Angel by Mary Balogh

Read For:
Winter 09 Challenge
RYOB Challenge
1000 Regency Challenge

Young and beautiful Lady Rosamund Hunter had known the tenderness of love in her all-too-brief marriage to a much older, kind and gentle husband. Yet she had never been touched by the fires of the heart.

The handsome dashing Earl of Wetherby was supremely well-versed in the pleasures of love. Yet even the most exquisitely enchanting of his partners in passion had left him unmoved.

The reserved Rosamund and the rakish Earl had a great deal to teach each other - if only they could persuade the other to learn...

My Review:

An average Mary Balogh book-which is still way better than most other writers best works. The hero was a little too "wishy-washy" for my tastes towards the end of the book but otherwise I enjoyed the storyline. As usual, Balogh's Regencies are VERY erotic for the genre-but always well done and always hot, hot, hot. Mary Balogh knows how to write sexual attraction:)
4 stars.

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