Monday, November 30, 2009

Unfinished-Just Say Yes by Myretta Robens

Zebra Regency Romance: 2005


Where you least expect it. . . Weary of London's social whirl, Geoffrey Dorrington, Earl of Cheriton, longs for the simple life -- and what better place to experience it than on a relative's country estate? His plan to pass himself off as the steward succeeds... until the day Miss Cassie Hartwell smiles at him. Damn it all -- the vicar's daughter is far too charming for her own good -- and his. He will have to tell her who he really is...

. . .There is love Cassie sees no reason not to talk to the friendly steward on the neighboring estate. After all, Geoffrey is well-bred, kind to animals, full of fun, and amazingly handsome. Even if her social-climbing mama expects her to marry well, Cassie has other ideas. And love is in the air...

My Review:

Sorry-this one's a stinker-implausible storyline, very inaccurate historical details and one dimensional characters. I quit it at about 50 pages in. This one was one of Zebra's last published Regency line romances-and it shows. From the poor writing, to the horrible "chick lit" style cover they were obviously trying to cash in on in 2005, you can see why the line went under.

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