Sunday, November 29, 2009

Unfinished-Winter 09 Challenge

Winter 09 Challenge FAQ’s December 1 – February 28

1. Select ANY number of books to read that fit the category.
2. Post your list on the discussion board and blog (Name’s Winter 09 Challenge List)
3. If you need title suggestions please use the Discussion titled WINTER TITLE SUGGESTIONS if you don't see it please search (to try and minimize number of discussions)
4. Once you have read a book please find the corresponding discussion by searching you can search by 09 Winter # and use the number that corresponds with the list. (one will be created for each number on December 1, again, to try and minimize number of discussions) and post the book and title you read and rating, and review.
5. It is not required, but if you could post your review on the blog that would be great.
6. Reviews on the blog please include labels list the rating, author, and # of challenge only.
7. Audio books are okay
8. Rereads are okay
9. You can change your list at anytime


1. Read a book that was read in the Fall Challenge-DONE-Wicked by Shannon Drake-3.75 stars

2. Read a book with a cheesy cover-DONE-Heaven At Sunrise by Leona Karr-4.5 stars

3. Read a Julia Quinn Book-DONE-The Duke and I-4 stars

4. Read a romance that starts as a friendship-DONE-A Talent For Trouble by Anne Barbour-3 stars.

5. Read a book with “ICE” or “FIRE” in the title-DONE-Snow Angel by Mary Balogh-4 stars

6 Read a book that is a Cabin/Road Romance
7. Reader’s Choice (Author last name A-K)

8. Reader’s Choice (Author last name L-Z)-DONE-Proof of Seduction by Courtney Milan-4 stars

9. Read a book with a color in the title-DONE-The Man In The Green Coat by Carola Dunn-4.5 stars.

10. Read a book that has a setting other than the U.S. or England-DONE-Rendezvous by Serena Richards-4 stars.

11. Read a book with a "magic" element (time travel, miracles, magic, psychic, angels...whatever this means to you!)-DONE-The Christmas Charade by Karla Hocker -3.5 stars (ghost)

12. Read a book that is a stand alone (not part of any series)-DONE-Shadow Valley by Gwen Hunter-4 stars.

13. Read a new to you author-DONE-The Lady In Question by Judith Laik-3 stars

14. Read a book that has a three word title-DONE-On The Edge by Ilona Andrews-3 stars

15. For Winter, Read a book that has a “W” word in the title

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