Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Another failed book

I tried reading The Devil Who Tamed Her by Johanna Lindsey for some challenges, but couldn't finish it.
My Amazon Review:

January 6, 2009

I've read and enjoyed many of Miss Lindsey's books but not this one. The two prevalent storylines, the "goddess beautiful" but hateful heroine and a "kidnapping" storyline are two of my least favorites are they are just distasteful.

I hoped that Miss Lindsey could however redeem these storylines in such a way as to make the storylines palatable. No such luck here. I just could not get over how vindictive, judgmental and stuck on herself that Ophelia was. Being treated badly by your parent growing up is no excuse for being a witch. Ophelia comes off as quite a schemer and very disfunctional.

As to the kidnapping, at the point when Ophelia asks Rafe's Aunt (who he wrangled as chaperone) "I don't want to be here, don't I have any rights", and the Aunt basically said "No dear, you're too young to have any rights" I just quit in disgust.

not recommended-1 star.

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