Monday, January 5, 2009

Wildcat Arrows by Dara Joy

This is an ANTI REVIEW:

What I mean by that is this. I tried to Read Wildcat Arrows by Dara Joy about a year or so ago. I posted my review (a 1 star) on Amazon then. While going through my "already read" shelf on shelfari, I happened to click through to go look at my review on Amazon.

When I posted my review, there were at least a dozen to two dozen other reviews for this book, all 1 or 2 stars as this book was unbelievably BAD. Well, guess what-every one of those reviews are GONE.

Several people have posted on the books forums on Amazon about their review being missing. Several have posted that they have put several more reviews of this book up to only have Amazon remove those as well!

There is another Romance author, Deborah Mc, who did this last year, and I cannot honestly believe after that backlash that Dara Joy would be as unprofessional as to do this!

This author is now on my auto Do Not Buy list and all her books I do own will now go straight to Goodwill. This is NO WAY to handle your business Miss Joy!

Well, Dara Joy cannot CENSOR me on my own blog

Save your money! Do not buy Wildcat Arrows by Dara Joy. This was pretty much the worst book I have ever tried to read ZERO STARS!

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