Thursday, January 8, 2009

another failed book-pt.2

ARGH! Nothing more agrevating than reading a good first novel in a series, to only have book to be a total 360 degree wash out! This book is such a disappointment!

My Amazon Review:
too violent for a Romance.....,
January 8, 2009

let me first say that I enjoyed the first novel in this series. Unfortunately, and despite the author's overall good writing skills, the violence, murder, and fanaticism of the heroine killed this book for me.

I kept trying to get through this book, wondering how this bloody, "Hatfield and McCoy's" hated enemies storyline was going to transform into a romance, but when the heroine stabs the hero in the chest, then repeatedly cuts him the final straw was broken and I quit.

The heroine was totally unlikable and I almost quit the book earlier when she threatens to kill the heroes four year old child, but silly me, I kept going. Violence does not equal Romance, and who could honestly love someone who threatened to kill your child? I honestly wonder what the author was thinking.

Since I enjoyed this author's previous work, I may try her again, but I'd not recommend this particular book.

1 star.

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