Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Challenge #4

Winter 08 Challenge #4:
A Book with an arranged Marriage or Marriage of Convenience:
The Surprising Lady Rochdale
Annette Summers
220 pages
Zero stars.

My Amazon Review:

No surprises here.........

December 9, 2008

He Would Rue the Day She Had Agreed to Be His Wife-

As the daughter of a British doctor stationed in India's most discursive hospices, Miss Candace Marston was not typical of the gently bred ladies to be found in British High Society.

Yet Lord Rochdale pronounced her exactly right for his urgent requirements. To inherit his fortune, they would marry instantly and divorce in one year, with no one the wiser and she a rich and free woman.

There was much Candace dreamed of doing with wealth and freedom and she accepted with terms. Last to know was Lord Rochdale, that her terms would not only shock Society, but most probably land him in Bedlam!

My Review:
Frankly put, this book was just terrible. The "hero" is one of the most insulting, arrogant, selfish boors I've seen in a Regency. I should have known this book was doomed when the hero asked the heroine to a marriage of convenience after almost running her down with his carriage!

This is one of those romances where the hero and heroine do not understand, tolerate, or even like each other for the vast majority of the book. On top of that, the hero continues to see his several mistresses after the marriage,which may have been,honestly, realistic to the times, it was still unsavory to read and not what I look for in a romance.

The author couldn't decide if she wanted her heroine to be a bluestocking or a clothes horse, or an Indian girl trapped in an English girls body-right down to her converting the nursery into an incense and sari bedecked sanctuary. Very much the "throw in every offbeat storyline and see if one sticks" approach.
The final straw: the heroine was eighteen, the hero twenty one, but he called her "child" through the entire book. Very creepy and "icky" to me.

Take my advice, save yourself the time and do not read this dreadful book.
no stars.

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