Friday, December 12, 2008

Challenge #9

Readers Of Romance Winter 08 Challenge

#9 Read a story that has a military or civil servant (firefighter/cop/fbi/clan chief/commander) in it –can be any genre

Be My Baby
Susan Anderson
372 pages 3 stars

Synopsis: Juliet and Her Romeo Beau Prim and proper Juliet Rose Astor Lowell doesn't want her body guarded by anyone while she's in New Orleans for the grand opening of Daddy's new hotel-especially not by consummate macho cop Beau Dupree. He's just too big, too pushy, too virile, too...everything! His shameless, hungry-eyed gaze shakes her carefully cultivated decorum like no one ever has, but Juliet is a Lowell-and there's no way she's going to lose control! The lady is downright delectable, but Beau has more important things to do than babysit a beautiful Yankee rich girl. So he decides to get himself pulled off of the assignment by driving the oh-so-proper socialite beyond the bounds of her good-girl restraints. But who would have thought that real passion sizzled beneath Juliet's polish? When she lets her hair down, she just might prove to be more than enough woman to handle Beau-but will he be able to handle her?Juliet and Her Romeo Beau

My Amazon Review:

cute albeit flawed Contemporary Romance,
December 12, 2008
This contemporary romance was Ms Anderson's earlier books so I feel the need to give her a little leeway as to storyline. With that in mind, I'd give Be My Baby 3 stars-and that's being generous.

On the positive side-the hero and heroine are for the most part likably flawed characters. Having the story set in New Orleans was fun, and the love scenes and sexual chemistry between Beau and Juliet was good, and quite spicy:)

Unfortunately, there were some negatives. Mainly, as other reviewers have stated-the almost non existent "mystery". Anyone can see the culprits literally as they are introduced in the story-and the fact that the hero, a seasoned cop, didn't have a clue till the end was stupid and didn't ring true. My biggest peeve with the book: as a Southerner, the author's over the top use of Southern euphemisms by the hero (Dawlin', Sugah, Soogah, and the worse Honey Chile) was cringe worthy. Northern authors get a clue-almost ALL Southerners do NOT talk this way and to write us in that vein is on the cusp of being derogatory.

Finally, while I'll try another of this author's books, unless you're looking for nothing but "fluff" then you can skip this book.
3 stars.


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