Friday, December 17, 2010

Teller of Tales by Laurel Ames

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All of London knew Lord Raines as a charming rake and a veteran of the Napoleonic Wars who was no stranger to lush pleasures. Yet the disenchanted nobleman soon discovered that Jenner Page was more blatantly honest in her passions than anyone he had ever known. 
With boyish garb hiding her shattered past and shielding her against the future, Jenner Page had more freedom than most women could ever imagine --- and more loneliness than most could endure. Until the night the infamous Lacey Raines drew her into an outrageous life of impossible love . . .

My review:
While I give this author bonus props for using a rarely used storyline (girl in boy's garb),and trying to boldly use said storyline throughout the entire book, there was something "missing" in this book and I believe it was heart. The hero and heroine were very dysfunctional,"damaged" characters-which is normally a good building block to a fantastic story. Sadly, in this case, the two leads were to self centered in their own needs to ever "grow" from their damage. 

Finally, while it was also bold for the author to introduce a serious topic-rape-into the storyline, again it was too cavilerly done, and never really satisfactorily dealt with between any of the characters. Also, the author introduces a incident in the hero's background that almost put me off the book, and if it would have been introduced earlier in the story, I would have quit the book but I was already more than halfway through so I plodded on, though I could not enjoy the "hero" after this relevation. More shocking was how the heroine received this news, knowing she was an assault victim herself. It left a bad impression on the reader, to be sure. 

While the author's writing style is good enough that I'll try another of her books, I do not recommend this one. 
2.5 stars. 

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