Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Wife For Warminster by Margaret Summerville

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A Difficult Duty

At first it seemed that Miss Elizabeth Newmarch had found a perfect position as companion to wealthy, witty and kindly Lady Honora Trevor. But Elizabeth's new position soon became awkward in the extreme.

Honora was determined that her notorious nephew, the Earl of Warminster, enter into wedlock. And Elizabeth was enlisted to find a bride to make Warminster mend his wicked, wicked ways. 

How could Elizabeth induce a dazzling beauty like Lady Georgina Barley to wed Warminster? How could she possibly put this tender young innocent into his callous hands? And, more to the point, how could Elizabeth allow another woman to possess this libertine lord she wanted so desperately for herself..

My review:
Wonderfully witty "comedy of errors" Regency with a naval/yachting theme thrown in. My first Regency by this author but definitely not my last. This author knows how to write enjoyable secondary characters. Loved Aunt Honora and the gawky but gallant Jeremy Sherwood.  A little too quickly ended, otherwise it would have been a five star Regency. Still well worth a read to any fellow "traditional Regency" fan.
4 stars.

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