Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jack O'Lantern by Kathleen A. Shoesmith

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In the year 1730, when Susanna, a penniless woman left alone by the death of her mother, learns of the existence of distant relative, she is overjoyed. She travels south to Silfleet, on the English coast, to locate the father she'd never known. But a killer lies waiting for her and it soon becomes very clear that she can trust no one, least of all her mysterious masked ally, the infamous smuggler Jack O'Lantern.

My Review:

First-I find it cute, that this "Ace Regency Romance (per it's cover) is in actuality, set in 1730, which I believe to be Georgian era. Secondly-dig that cover art! LOL

Finally, to the story-cute Georgian era Romance of a penniless girl who must move in with poor relations.They live in a village known for smuggling-where she meets and falls for the "Jack O' Lantern", a dashing smuggler. A "Scarlet Pimpernel" style story.

The "mystery" was fairly obvious and the typical "the heroine must be a-very young, b-very stupid, and c-very powerless" was a bit annoying but  most heroines written in these 1970's romances were this dumb. It was still enjoyable enough if you are in the mood for a short bit of sentimental fluff.
3 stars

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