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Nook Corner: Lovey Mary by Alice Hegan Rice

Lovey Mary
Alice Hegan Rice
1903, 69 pages

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Well, I've joined the "future" and asked for and was lovingly given (by my DH, Roger for my Anniversary gift) a Barnes and Noble ereader, the Nook.

I'm having a blast searching through and downloading for FREE the literal millions of older books that have been painstakingly scanned and saved for the ages through programs like Google Books and I hope to read and review many of the oldies and share them on my blog. I feel that the restoration and "saving" of these old, hard to find books is so essential. They are literally being saved from extinction. On to my first Nook read and review:)

The large hearted girl heroine adopts a forlorn baby, and herself becomes the protegee of Mrs Wiggs of the cabbage patch.

My Review:
Published in 1903. 
Charming story about an Orphan Girl of 15, called Lovey Mary, who is put in charge of another ward's baby, Tommy, when she is thirteen. The "wicked girl" who is Tommy's mother comes back two years later to claim him and this is where Lovey Mary and Tommy's adventures begin. Mary and Tommy run away and end up in Cabbage Patch-which is hinted to be the poor side of the town. Mary and Tommy are helped by Miss Hazy, Miss Wiggs (of Miss Wiggs and The Cabbage Patch) and many other residents of Cabbage Patch. 
If you like humor ala' Ma and Pa Kettle, then you'll enjoy this charming tale. 

PS-be forewarned-as many books of the era, the "n" word is used once. 

4 stars.

One of the original illustrations from the book!

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