Saturday, May 29, 2010

Unfinished-The Tarot Spell by Willo Davis Robarts

The Tarot Spell
Willo Davis Roberts
Magnum Gothic Romance, 1970
254 pages


Catherine Sorenson nursed Sherm Addison for seven long years, until the old man died...and plain Catherine, unpretty Catherine, found herself two million dollars wealthier. The whole world suddenly stood open before her...but there had been only one romantic dream in her life: that of marrying Jason Ruart. The Ruarts were Mill Falls, and now, almost unbelievably, Catherine Sorenson was about to become Mrs. Jason Ruart.
Then the rumors began - the dirty rumors, the stories of heavy losses in the mills, the snickering gossip that claimed Jason would do anything for money in his desperation - including marrying ugly Catherine Sorenson! At first Catherine refused to listen to the stories; then she learned the truth about the death of Jason's first wife...
My Review:
Oh no-the dreaded "I'm a plain heroine, please treat me as your personal doormat as I have no self esteem or backbone".
I quit at the point where she signs over the 3+ million she just inherited to her husband of TEN DAYS-the same guy who never looked at her twice in fourteen years since high school, but marries her right after she comes into a fortune. Gawd save me from moronic heroines! 

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