Saturday, May 29, 2010

Unfinished-Silken Roses by Elane Osborn

She was a passionate flame-haired American, a bewitching stranger - and nearly a victim of a Jack-the-Ripper-like fiend. She was left homeless, escaping with her life but unable to remember the dictates and morals of society - unable to even remember her name. When Stuart, a handsome, rugged Yorkshire gentleman, rescued the dazzling young woman, he named her Gwen. and he decided to take a desperate chance to trap Gwen's attacker - by using her as bait. But instead, he fell victim to the deliciously enticing spell of her creamy skin and tender lips. He would know the unbridled desire of a heart unfettered by memory or convention. He vowed not to take advantage of her, but rather to win her burning, unyielding love with searing passion, urgent kisses and silken roses.

My review:
 just couldn't get into this one. One dimensional characters were unsympathetic and boring. Quit it halfway in. 1.5 stars

As an aside-
Ironically, I was reading this book, when I found out that the renowned cover artist, who did this cover, along with 3000 other, Pino Daeni, passed away. A huge talent who to me was the "Frank Frazetta" of romance novel covers.

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