Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bramwell Series one DVD

I love to search through "Period Piece" DVD's on Amazon as I will invariably find many great ones, especially from the UK, that I've never heard of. One I picked up a year or so ago, that we finally got around to viewing, is Bramwell, Series 1.

Bramwell is the story of Eleanor Bramwell, one of the first (though fictional) female Doctors in Victorian England. Bramwell follows Eleanor's trials, tribulations and surprisingly "realistically grusome" medical cases, as well as her acceptance or nonacceptance in the "man's world" of Victorian era Medicine. The costuming and sets are accurate and to die for. Eleanor's  "Gibson Girl" leg o mutton blouses and frocks are drool-worthy :)

The show stars the beautiful Jemma Redgrave (yes, THAT Redgrave family-she is the daughter of Corin Redgrave and niece of Vanessa/Lynn Redgrave) and the incomparable Ruth Sheen who is one of the best Veteran UK Character actors around as Nurse Carr.

The show ran 4 seasons and I eagerly look forward to renting and viewing seasons 2-4 :) Recommended-5 stars.

The show was on Masterpiece theatre in 1996-2000 here in the US and you can find detailed series info on PBS' Website:

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