Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Lady In Question by Judith Laik

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A fateful toss of the dice
Charlotte Treadwell is outraged when she learns her gaming-mad papa has just forfeited her in a game of hazard. Suddenly she is the “property” of Hugh Brooks, Earl of Rayfield, a rake and a gambler who couldn't possibly understand that her passionate heart is taken up with helping those less fortunate than she.

A perilous game of chance
Rayfield must stop an aristocratic spy from inflicting the horrors of revolution upon England. How can he keep his mind on his duties when the tempting woman he has just won is the fiery daughter of his prime suspect?

Love is the most dangerous gamble of all . . .

My Review-

My review for this book will be a non review-I enjoyed this cute Regency but stopped it/started it back up during about 7 day spread when my father just got sick and passed away on February 9th. I finally was able to finish it today (2-14) and it was cute enough but I don't feel like I can give it a accurate review as I'm not still not in a good frame of mind anyway from Daddy's passing.

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