Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Heaven At Sunrise by Leona Karr

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Traveling to the Shetland Islands to do missionary work, Alana Lansbury meets shepherd Brion McClerry, who is caring for his brother's five children and who refuses to admit his feelings or needs for Alana.

My Review:
A very good historical romance set in Victorian era Scotland. The heroine is a missionary nurse who just arrived on the remote Shetland Island to find that a sudden death before her arrival puts her life in upheaval. The hero is a fisherman and sheep farmer who has been burnt in the past by another "English do gooder" and is mistrustful of Alana.

The story reads like a Christian romance but not as "preachy" as some I've tried before. Both characters grow and learn to not so quickly judge others. The secondary characters in the town are well written too. The story would have been five stars if not for-a) non existant love scenes, and b)-the heroines "uppity" nature should have been resolved sooner. Otherwise a very good story.
4.5 stars

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