Thursday, October 29, 2009

Unfinished-Joanna by Particia Ormsby

Patricia Ormsby
Masquerade Historical #19

While the writing for Joanna was pretty good and in the style of Regency writers like Heyer and Chesney, but something absolutely ridiculous happened early on in the book, about 40 pages in, to make me quit it.

Joanna, at a picnic, goes off by herself. Seeing a pond, she suddenly decides to take a dip-in nothing but her pantelettes and a scarf tried around her chest. While that is implausible enough for the period-THEN Joanna gets knocked slightly on the head in the water, goes under and almost drowns, is rescued by a handsome stranger who pulls her ashore.

Once ashore, Joanna proceeds to "toss her cookies" (in the story being described as " bringing up the pond and everything in her huge lunch"-UGH) TWICE-but, within a few moments after spewing the hero KISSES her TWICE! WTF?!?

This takes the kissing slang term "sharing spit" to a whole new level!

Well, needless to say, that is a first in all the many romances I've read-LOL. I quit the book there.

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