Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dark Rider by Kathrynn Dennis

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ROR Fall Reading Challenge
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A DARK LORD . . . Few secrets are harder to keep than witchcraft--but is the ancient knowledge the source of Lady Eldswythe's mysterious gift for healing horses? She is summoned to tend the prize steeds of the dark and solitary Sir Robert Breton, a rival of her family's house. The last thing Eldswythe wants is to be near a man her heart distrusts--and desires. His smoldering eyes could make her forget she is betrothed. And, oh! How he rides a horse...

A LADY FAIR . . . Gallantly defending her through a violent siege and a harrowing escape, Robert comes to believe in her strange powers, for he knows only too well that he has fallen under her spell. The spirited and sensual Eldswythe has bewitched his stony heart with wondrous ease . . . .

My Review:

Medieval Romance: Pretty good Historical Romance with paranormal elements to it. Not outstanding but good enough that I'll try another of the author's books. This author is a Veterinarian and so far her two books are heavily involved with horses, the heroine's are "horsewitches". So someone who is a horse fan may enjoy these more than I did. It was still very interesting though. 3 stars

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