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The Vampire Viscount & The Devil's Bargain by Karen Harbaugh

Two Books In One
The Vampire Viscount And
The Devil's Bargain
Karen Harbaugh
Regency Romance
Rating 4 Stars

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The Vampire Viscount
Synopsis: Unholy Wedlock . . .
Leonore Farleigh shuddered when she learned she was to marry the Viscount St. Vire. What sort of monster would take advantage of her father's debts to buy her as his bride?

But one meeting with her future husband turned her dismay to desire. Lord Nicholas St. Vire was blindingly handsome and supremely seductive. It was only after they were man and wife that questions began to poison her perfect marriage. Why did he fear to go out in the light of day? What fueled the hellfire torment in his eyes? How was he linked to the ravishing Lady Mercia Lazlo, about whom such dark rumors flew? Could the most irresistible lord in London be the most horrifying of creatures of the night?

Leonore had to find out as her marriage moved to its ultimate moment of truth -- when the viscount's all-consuming kiss would crown her eternal happiness -- or seal her undying doom . . .

My Review:

A very good paranormal Regency Romance. Nicholas is looking for a way to undo his Vampirism and Leonore is "won" as a debt pay off to him by her abusive father. What starts as a marriage of convienence quickly becomes a loving and very hot (for a Regency) story. I like that unlike most modern Vampire Romances-Nicholas hates his life and is desperate to stop being a Vampire. 4 stars.

The Devil's Bargain:

Lovely Eveline Seton knew that she could never be a proper match for Lord Richard Clairmond. The devastatingly handsome blueblood would never dream of taking a merchant's daughter as a wife. Why then did he whisper words that made her heart beat faster? Why did he gaze at her with a heat that melted her to the core? Eveline feared her ardent suitor was hiding something.

Not for nothing did the Viscount Clairmond keep a list of ladyloves that testified to his supreme skill as a seducer. But it was not as a wife that this reckless gambler wanted Eveline. To be relieved of embarrassing debts and a certain future of pauperism, he had sold his soul-and Eveline's virtue-to Satan. And unless this extraordinarily persuasive young woman proved an equal match for him in the thrust and parry of his campaign of conquest, she most surely would become his all - too - willing victim. Or he hers . . .

My Review:

Also a well written, unusual Regency with a paranormal theme. Richard, back home from the war, is forced into a "deal with the Devil". To say his sister from ruin he must utterly ruin another innocent young woman. Eveline is a smart, savvy, "cit"-a merchant's daughter.

What starts as a seducuction and ruin quickly becomes much more for Richard as he realizes he's in love with Eveline. But how can he be with Eveline and not become the devil's minion? Read to find out:)

Also surprisingly HOT for a traditional Regency. Karen Harbaugh is quite talented and I plan to read more of her books. Recommended-4 stars.

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