Monday, April 20, 2009

One Night To Be Sinful by Samantha Garver

One Night To Be Sinful by Samantha Garver
Historical Romance
Rating 4 stars

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A fine and true friend, Calvin Garrett never anticipated what he would undertake in the name of loyalty to Lord Wolcott. Posing as a butler, he appears at the door of Wolcott’s fiercely independent sister, Abigail, charged with uncovering the strange and sinister happenings at her country home. Certainly, he hoped playing servant to an unconventional woman would be a short-lived task. But when he meets his stunning new mistress, the scheme he had in mind takes a turn for the tempting...

Abigail has never encountered a butler so...magnetic. However, he comes highly recommended and she is desperate for help. The troubles and danger plaguing her estate are enough to make a sane woman cling to strong shoulders, but her awareness of her new employee has much more to do with a longing from deep within her heart. Clearly, she has bigger problems than a dizzying attraction to a male. Soon, though, sleepless nights filled with danger and desire form a volatile mix that promises to turn Abigail from a confirmed spinster into a woman ready for love…

My Review:
I thoroughly enjoyed this Historical Romance. I like that the "wounded" character in the story was the heroine and not the hero. Abigail is a strong, smart heroine who has come back from tragedy to make a life for herself. The hero, Calvin, is a Marquis, born "on the wrong side of the sheets", raised in a workhouse, not knowing about his father until he inherits the estate on his father's death. Both leads are wounded souls-Abby physically and Calvin emotionally. The relationship was sweet and very romantic and the love scenes are in turn Romantic yet very hot:). A villainous side story completes this good book. The ending was a bit rushed, hence 4 stars, but I'd still recommend this book.

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  1. This sounds like a great book.. I'll add it to my tbr :)
    Thanks for the review :)