Friday, April 3, 2009

Unfinished-Hot Legs by Susan Johnson

Call me picky, or discerning, or whatever. If a book is catagorized as a romance, whether it's a sweet teen Romance all the way to the most heated erotic Romance-the Romance should be, to me, the top priority. The main element of the story. But I think that would entail the author having to actually put some effort into a storyline. Which this author obviously didn't do.

This contemporary Romance is like taking the Penthouse forum and the "romance" is putting a bow on the guy's penis. Here's an example: "...all he could think of was the glorious prospect of unremitting, gluttonous sex with the hot-blooded redhead sucking his cock." What a charmer.

Within a day of meeting each other, the hero and heroine are wacking away on each other in every way possible, with a paragraph or two of dialog thrown in. Of course, she's Miss Meek and Mild outside the bedroom, and he of course is Mr. James Bond style macho art forgeries expert. Most art forgery experts in real life probably look like Mr. Magoo but I guess we can all make believe.
This is pure fantasy land in every way. It's that your thing go for it. I thought it sucked in more ways than one.

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