Monday, March 30, 2009

Unfinished-The Slightest Provocation by Pam Rosenthal

This book is categorized as a "erotic Romance". The erotic part is correct-this book, contrary to the "pretty" cover, is choc a bloc full of sex scenes between the feuding couple or alone as while they can't quit fighting, they also cannot quit j*cking themselves off to remembrances of past sexual encounters. But there's no love between the two-rendering the sex scenes tawdry and without emotion. The book's scenes between the two are either fighting or having buck wild sex and that does not a relationship make.

The Romance is just not there to me-the husband gets diseases from prostitutes, so the wife refuses him in her bed, which,surprise surprise, angers him, so he goes back to hookers, then the wife sleeps with his best friend for revenge. All within the first year of marriage? Puhleeze. Then the author has the characters explain this away as "they were young and impulsive". Ugh.

On top of that they both have numerous affairs in the intervening nine years and well as being unapologetic drug users and alcoholics. If I was more of a "fiction" or straight novel reader, maybe these issues would not mattered to me. But, it probably would have as I don't want to waste my time reading about, or in real life, being around people like this.
Not recommended.

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