Friday, January 9, 2009

yet another failed book

Books like this make me want to quit the Historical Romance genre and switch to straight Historical Fiction. I'd miss the romance though....but the biggest peeve about this book? It's part one of a trilogy. Do I go ahead and try to read those or just ditch all three?

My Amazon Review:

inaccuracy laden........,
January 9, 2009

I don't get these authors who try to write Historical Romance but completely ignore every sensibility and convention of the era that the book is set in.

For example, this is set in Regency England, but the hero, a gentleman, touched and kissed the heroine within the first five minutes of meeting her! Several times, and the hero talked to the heroine as if she was a loose woman, when she was obviously a gentlewoman.

Here's a crazy idea-if you want your characters to act this way-set your book in modern times!

To be fair-I have read another book by this author that I enjoyed-A Phantom Affair, but Daughter's Destiny is the second book by her that was not good, so I would definitely categorize her as a "hit or miss" author.

not recommend-no stars!

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