Friday, January 9, 2009

Family "weight loss" book challenge

Roger, Colin and I are trying to lose weight this year and live healthier. Since we are also big readers we like to give ourselves a little year long challenge. This year: after we FINISH a book, then we weigh it. The person at the end of the year who has the most book weight lost is the winner:) Hopefully we'll lose BOTH kinds of weight this year!

Unnatural Enquirer-6 oz.
Brother Grimm-8 oz.
Catnap-5 oz.
Vesuvius club-10 oz.
Devil In Amber-10 oz.
Some Danger Involved-12 oz.
Art of Arrow Cutting-12 oz.
Shadows bite-11 oz.
The Sky So Big and Black-11 oz.
Fool-15 oz.
The Maltese Falcon-8 oz.
Thunderstruck-13 oz.
The Chicago Way-9 oz.
Once Upon A Galaxy-4 oz.
Scarpetta-28 oz.
Heat Lightning-24 oz.
The Mysterious North-5 oz.
The Nymphos of Rocky Flats-10 oz.
X-Rated Bloodsuckers-10 oz.
Mike Nelson's Movie Megacheese-8 oz.
The Crow: Lazarus Heart-12 oz.
Naked Pictures of Famous People-12 oz.
Captain Alatriste-9 oz.
Purity Of Blood-14 oz.
The Sun Over Breda-14 oz.
Clash By Night-16 oz.
The White-14 oz.
The little Bk. Holy Grail-12 oz.
Revenge of Kali-Ra-15 oz.
Drinker of Blood-19 oz.
Breathers-13 oz.
Mystery Street-7 oz.
I Love You Beth Cooper-9 oz.
Spade and Archer-15 oz.
The Thief Taker 6 oz.
The Emperor's Assassin-6 oz.
Masterpieces of Mystery & Suspense-32 oz.
The Pool of Fire-5 oz.
The City of Gold and Lead-5 oz.
The White Mountains-5 oz.
Demonkeeper-12 oz.
Grimspace 5 oz.
Written In Fire 15 oz.
The Graveyard Book 15 oz.
True Detectives 22 oz.
The Secret Lives of Words 15 oz.
The Mammoth Book of Vampires 15 oz.
Fatal Elixir-15 oz.
Grave Surprise 7 oz.
Expecting Someone Taller 4 oz.
Treasure Heart Tanglewood-10 oz.
The Word Detective-11 oz.
Everything is Illuminated 11 oz.
Night Shift 5 oz.
The Good Fairies of NY 5 oz.
Oscar Wilde Death No Importance 18 oz.
Tales Fm. Watership Down 7 oz.
Bangkok 8 12 oz.
Arctic Drift 30 oz.
Mr. Twilight 6 oz.
Temporary Agency 13 oz.
Another Life 20 oz.
Did Adam & Eve have Navels 23 oz.
Night And Day 23 oz.
Cemetary Dance 20 oz.
Magic Strikes 3 oz.
Hellhounds on Their Trail 15 oz.
Dead and Gone 21 oz.
Hell on Earth 19 oz.
Her Infinite Variety 7 oz.
From A Whisper To A Scream 10 oz.
Chasing The Bear 14 oz.
An Ordinary Woman 8 oz.
Fudoki 11 oz.
Manta's Gift 27 oz.
Inamorata 9 oz.
Storm Track 17 oz.
They Have A Word For It 11 oz.
The Abductors: Conspiracy 12 oz.
A Lion Called Christian 15 oz.
Summers At Castle Auburn 14 oz.
Wrapt In Crystal 13 oz.
The Wood Wife 13 oz.
The Physics Of Star Trek 5 oz.
Far-seer 9 oz.
Fossil Hunter 10 oz.
Foreigner 10 oz.
Words For A Fearless Heart 8 oz.
From The Deep Waters 7 oz.
The Book of Ballads 28 oz.
A Midsummers Night Fairy Tale 15 oz.
The Winters Child 15 oz.
The Language of Bees 23 oz.
The Terminal Experiment 6 oz.
The Blood Jaguar 5 oz.
Brimstone 21 oz.
Anonymous Rex 20 oz.
Monster 14 oz.
Clara 10 oz.
The Automatic Detective 6 oz.
Vanilla Ride 19 oz.
The Eyre Affair 9 oz.
A Nameless Witch 6 oz.
In The Wake of The Plague 8 oz.
Wanderlust 6 oz.
Space Vulture 16 oz.
Jimmy The Wags 4 oz.
Go With Me 6 oz.
Whitechapel Gods 8 oz.
A Girl Named Zippy 8 oz.
Wicked Prey 25 oz.
Longknife: Audacious 8 oz.
Longknife: Intrepid 8 oz.
Tears of The Giraffe 10 oz.
Morality for Beautiful Girls 9 oz.
The Hungry Ocean 11 oz.
The Kalahari Typing School 8 oz.
The Cajuns 18 oz.
Marley and Me 10 oz.
Grave Sight 5 oz.
Contact 7 oz.
Hardcore 6 oz.
Night of Thunder 16 oz.
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon 5 oz.
Seven Deadly Wonders 10 oz.
The Man from Margaritaville 30 oz.
The Child Thief 14 oz.
An Ice Cold Grave 6 oz.
Agatha Raisin & The Quiche of Death 4 oz.
Death of A Charming Man 4 oz.
Death of a Villager 6 oz.
Dragonfly 6 oz.
Ice Station 10 oz.
Magic Tales 6 oz.
Death of a Macho Man 4 oz.
Stick Drawing Comics Monkeybrain 20 oz.
Agatha Raisin Wizard Evenham 4 oz.
In The Teeth of The Adversery 4 oz.Hard Freeze 6 oz.
Messenger 7 oz
Red 7 oz.
Night Cage 7 oz.
The Night Class 5 oz.
Toybox 5 oz.
Agatha Raisin & The Love From Hell 5 oz.
The Good, The Bad And The Mad 12 oz.
Agatha Raisin The Deadly Dance 4 oz.
Nightmare House 6 oz.
Baul 6 oz.
Darkfall 7 oz.
Resurrection Dreams 8 oz.
Blood Heritage 6 oz.
Dominion 6 oz.
the 37th Mandala 7oz.
The Shimmer 20 oz.
For The Blood Is The Life 6 oz.
Face 7 oz.
The House on Orchid Street 6 oz.
The Skin Trade 7 oz.
Cruel Wives 8 oz.
Curtains Of Blood 7 oz.
The Halloween Man 7 oz.
Dark Universe 6 oz.
Borrowed Flesh 7 oz.
All Hell Breaking Loose 6 oz.
Fool Dark Nights 5oz.
Peaceable Kingdom 8 oz.
Sunrise 7oz.
Infernal Angel 7 oz.
An Old Friend Family 6 oz.
Fireworks 7 oz.
Possessions 7 oz.
Love In Vein 7 oz.
One For Sorrow, Two For Joy 9 oz.
Child Of Fire 10 oz.
Morningstar 6 oz.
Black Horses For The King 5 oz.
Frontier 51 oz.
Dexter By Design 20 oz.
A Red Heart of Memories 10 oz.
Chasing The Devil 5 oz.
Drop Shot 7 oz.
Bone Music 19oz.
The Book of Love 8 oz.
The Rule of Four 7 oz.
The Darkangel 5 oz.
A Gathering of Gargoyles 6 oz.
Wizards 23 oz.
Marchers on Valhalla 4 oz.
A Touch of Dead 14 oz.
Grave Secret 22 oz.
The Scarpetta Factor 29 oz.
The Pearl of The Soul of The World 8oz.
Deuces Down 18 oz.
Dark Matter 6 oz.
The Swamp Rats 5 oz.
The Island of Dogs 4 oz.
The Assassins 4oz.
The Curse of The Two Headed Bull 4oz.
Kings of Crime 4oz.
Heart of Gold 10 oz.
Red Moon 4oz.
The Yellow Hoard 4 oz.
The Sky Walker 4oz.
The Devils Horns 4oz.
Deadly Beloved 4oz.
The Frosted Death 4oz.
The Blood Ring 4oz.
Stockholders In Death 4oz.
The Lust Lizard of Melancoly Cove 8oz.
Tales of Beedle The Bard 11oz.
Tuned For Murder 4oz.
Magicats! 6oz.
The Unicorn Treasury 7oz.
Soulless 8oz.
Busted Flush 28oz.
Gator A GoGo 12 oz.
The Smiling Dogs 4 oz.
River Of Ice 4oz.
Mrs Shakespeare 8oz.
Dread Burden 11oz.
The Professional 23 oz.
More Mystery Cats 6 oz.
A Storm of Wings 4 oz.
The Flame Breathers 4oz.
The Floating Gods 4oz.
The Pastel City 3 oz.
Murder on Wheels 4 oz.
Waifs and Strays 18oz.
Three Gold Crowns 4oz.
Steel Rose 6oz.
Crystal Sage 6 oz.
Eternity Road 8oz.
Killing Tree 6oz.
Dreams Underfoot 10oz.
Midnight Murder 4oz.
House Of Death 4oz.
The Hate Master 4oz.
Nevlo 4oz.
Death In Slow Motion 4 oz.
Pictures of Death 4oz.
A Wolf At The Door 5 oz.
The Green Killer 4oz.
The Ivory and the Horn 7oz.
The Happy Killers 4oz.
The Black Death 4oz.
The Wilder Curse 4oz.
Kris Longknife: Undaunted 7oz.
The Venus Throw 8 oz.
A Gladiator Dies Only Once 9 oz.

2513 OZS OR 157 pounds of books!

The Lions Lady-7 oz.
Sherlock In Love-7 oz.
A Place For Alfreda-4 oz.
Sleep Softly-7 oz.
Murder At The God's Gate-6 oz.
Thunder And Roses-7 oz.
Duel of Hearts-6 oz.
The Companion-18 oz.
Somewhere I'll Find You-7 oz.
The Bloodied Cravat-18 oz.
Golden Fleece-9 oz.
The Rules of Gentility-12 oz.
Highland Love Song -14 oz.
Those Who Hunt The Night-7 oz.
The Indifferent Earl-4 oz.
An Eligible Connection-4 oz.
Mesmerized -8 oz.
The Vampire Viscount and The Devil's Bargain 9 oz.
One Night To Be Sinful 8 oz.
Some Danger Involved 12 oz.
Rebel Lady 4 oz.
Dove's Way 8 oz.
All Together Dead 21 oz.
Dead To Worse 21 oz.
Dead and Gone 21 oz.
A Body In Berkeley Square 5 oz.
Magic Strikes 3 oz.
Halfway To The Grave 8 oz.
Prospero's Daughter 5 oz.
What Angels Fear 8 oz.
The London Belle 5 oz.
No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency 11 oz.
Passionate Thirst 8 oz.
Death of A Charming Man 5 oz.
Fortune's Child 5 oz.
Crooked Little Vein-10 oz.
Beguiled 8 oz.
Lady Savage 5 oz.
Tears Of The Giraffe 11 oz.
Red, Red Rose 7 oz.
Dark Rider 7 oz.
Untouched Mistress 7 oz.
The Last Vampire 7 oz.
Remember Me 7oz.
The Corinthian 5 oz.
The Irish Earl 5 oz.
The Last Castle 4oz.
Ever His Bride 7 oz.
The Quiet Gentleman 7 oz.
A Ghostly Charade 7 oz.
Stolen Dreams 8 oz.
Queene of Light-7 oz.
Falconer's Hall 4 oz.
A Touch Of Dead 14 oz.
Kiss of Darkness 4oz.
Rendezvous 6 oz.
Snow Angel 4 oz.
The Christmas Charade 8oz.
Shadow Valley 8 oz.
466 ozs or 29 pounds of books

Demonkeeper-15 oz.
Tunnels-25 oz.
Silverwing-10 oz.
Sunwing-10 oz.
Fire Star-16 oz.
Flipped-14 oz.
Firewing-10 oz.
Maniac McGee-7 oz.
Garden of The Purple Dragon-14 oz.
The Real Thief-2 oz.
Crispin At The Edge-18 oz.
Mattimeo-25 oz.
City of Ember-8 oz.
Runaway Ralph-4 oz.
Swordbird-8 oz.
Swordquest-17 oz.
Wrinkle in Time-8 oz.
Wind In The Door-10 oz.
Swiftly Tilting Planet-10 oz.
Fire Eternal 16 oz.
The Outsiders 4 oz.
Rumble Fish 4 oz.
Mortal Engines 7 0z.
Predator's Gold 7 oz.
A Darkling Plain 33 oz.
Pillage 10 oz.
Lemony Snicket Bio. 15 oz.
Tales fm. Watership Down 7 oz.
The City Of Gold And Lead 4 oz.
The Last Olympian 20 oz.
A Lion Called Christian 15 oz.
The Frog Princess 8 oz.
The Neverending Story 8 oz.
The Pool of Fire 5 oz.
Into The Wild 16 oz.
Fire and Ice 8 oz.
Larklight 13 oz.
Forest of Secrets 18 oz.
Rising Storm 21 oz.
The Black Tattoo 25 oz.
Deeper 32 oz.
Raven's Gate 13 oz.
The Spook's Tale 13 oz.
Day Of The Scarab 8 oz.
Point Blank 7 oz.
Skeleton Key 8 oz.
Stormbreaker 7 oz.
A Wizards Dozen 5 oz.
Scorpia 17 oz.
Here There Be Dragons 9 oz.
Maximum Ride 8 oz.
Indigara 10 oz.
Eagles Strike 7 oz.
Lionboy 9 oz.
Lionboy: The Chase 18 oz.
The Oracle Betrayed 8 oz.
The Sphere of Secrets 24 oz.
The Wall and The Wing 8 oz.
Ark Angel 16 oz.
Snakehead 18 oz.
Max Ride 2: Schools out forever 8 oz.
Dragon Rider 20 oz.
Star Cross 16 oz.
The Hunger Games 22 oz.
Evil Genius 9 oz.
Animal Farm 28 oz.
Marley and Me 10 oz.
Evil Star 10 oz.
Dangerous Path 18 oz.
Darkest Hour 18 oz.
Mothstorm 19 oz.
Midnight 14 oz.
Lionboy: The Truth 8 oz.
Moonrise 18 oz.
Dawn Starlight 10 oz.
Twilight Sunset 10 oz.
Outcast 24 oz.
The Sight 20 oz.
Into The Woods 5 oz.
Dark River 8 oz.
Bluestars Prophecy 22 oz.
Clash Of The Demons 22 oz.
COLIN'S GRAND TOTAL (he quit the contest in Sept):


  1. Hey retroredux..

    I passed by to tell you I have an award for you called The Lemonade Award, please pick it up here ..

  2. Hey retroredux ..

    I passed by to tell you I have an award for you called The Lemonade Award, please pick it up here ..