Monday, February 21, 2011

The Would-Be Witch by Rita Boucher

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A Bewitching Young Lady

Miranda Wilton had everything a young lady needed to shine in society - birth, beauty, and breeding. But though she cast her spell on a swarm of suitors, both her proud mother and powerful brother demanded the final say in choosing the man who took her hand. 

Certainly Lord Adam Brand did not meet their strict standards or Miranda's own notion of the kind of mate she sought. Handsome and brilliant Lord Brand might be. But his arrogance filled Miranda with anger, and his mockery of Miranda's family tree made her want to make this unbending gentleman bow to the strength of her sweet sorcery. It was only when his lips came down on hers, that Miranda began to wonder who indeed had the power of magic.

My Review:
Very good traditional Regency with a Paranormal twist. Heroine is from a long line of witches but born without powers. Hero is a naysayer who lives to expose the spiritualist charlatans of the time who preyed on the rich and gullible aristocracy. 

I liked this book so much that I'm reading Miranda's brother Damien's story, The Lord Of Illusion next.
4 stars.

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