Thursday, February 10, 2011

Winter Blossom by Cynthia Sinclair

Winter Blossom
Cynthia Sinclair
1983, 310 pages
Tapestry Romance #27


Suzanna Rutledge's mother had been a Japanese companion to her father, a British trader. Cloistered for years, Suzanna barely knew him until James Rutledge summoned her to be a translator for his English partner.

Suzanna was ordered to cater to Lord Alex's every whim. But she had desires of her own and her heart would be given only to the man who would win it.

My Review:
Old School Bodice Ripper set in Japan, probably the 17th century era.

 The heroine, Zanna, is a bi-racial child, her father a British merchant and her mother was his Japanese "companion", or concubine.  The hero is another British Lord and Merchant who is sent to Japan to check on the London trading company that's being run by Rutledge, Zanna's father. 

Pretty good Historical from the "Tapestry" line of romances of the 80's. Lot's of high drama, conniving, swindling, fighting and of course, bodice ripping ;) Interesting change of scene from the usual Historical Romance normally set in England. The author seemed to have researched feudal Japan quite a bit. It was enjoyable and I'll read more from this author. 4 stars.

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