Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Lost Heiress of Hawkscliffe by Joyce C. Ware

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Katherine Mackenzie agreed to catalogue the Ramsay oriental rug collection before she realized the drama playing out in the famous painter's manion. Ramsay's heir, his exotic mistress Roxelana, had been missing for seven years and was about to be declared legally dead. Katherine wanted no part of the intrigue-until she noticed that in Roxelana's portrait, the beauty was wearing the same ring that Katherine had inherited. Gothic by Joyce C. Ware; originally published by Zebra Gothic
My Review:

A fairly good, albeit purple prosey Gothic Romance. I enjoyed  the unusual characters, the Armenian background and the heroines career as a Arabian Rug expert. The hero was a bit of a jerk and his "redemption" towards the end was a bit too easy. All in all, I recommend this book to a Gothic fan looking for a different locale.
3 stars.

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  1. Hi;
    I liked your review, just enough to tell about the book but not giving away any plot secrets.

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