Friday, January 21, 2011

Unfinished-Surrender A Dream by Jill Barnett

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ROR Winter Challenge

Adelaide Amanda Pinkney was glad to bid Chicago farewell. After the bustle and crowds of the growing city, the news that her aunt and uncle had left her their California farm was like a dream come true.

But Addie's idyll was shattered the moment she reached California, and learned there was another claim on her land. Montana Creed was tall, headstrong, elemental ... as much a part of the rich and rugged California terrain as the fields and valleys that dotted its majestic landscape. As a boy, Montana had watched his father slaughtered, his land stolen--and he had vowed that one day he would fulfill his father's dream.

Addie soon discovered that Montana's stubborn streak ran as deep as her own ... and that his seductive smile was almost impossible to resist. As his reluctant bride, she came to cherish Montana's tender, passionate caresses. But she knew that one day he'd have to face the demons of his past--or lose the bright and loving promise of their future!

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My Amazon Review:
cannot agree more with the last reviewer. Those who liked this book and thought it "touching" must be mental. This is one of those romances where the hero and heroine constantly-and I mean every minute constantly-fight each other. I've never understood the attraction in those storylines anyway, but this one is a bit extreme. The hero kicks the door in of the heroines home, and tries to physically throw her out of the house.He then  SHOOTS at the heroine, inside her home and holds a gun to her chest-while thinking to himself that he appreciates her "spunk" in not flinching as he holds a gun on her? What in the world is supposed to be romantic about that?

Basically it's a "let's treat each other like dogs so we can suddenly realize we love each other the last 25 pages of the book".
Not recommended.

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