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Courting Trouble by Deeanne Gist

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I love the cover!
Tired of Waiting for a Match-Made-in-Heaven, She'll Settle for One Made in Texas Whether it's riding bikes, catching snakes, or sliding down banisters, Essie Spreckelmeyer just can't quite make herself into the ideal woman her hometown--and her mother--expect her to be. It's going to take an extraordinary man to appreciate her joy and spontaneity--or so says her doting oil-man father. Unfortunately such a man doesn't appear to reside in Corsicana, Texas. It's 1894, the year of Essie's thirtieth birthday, and she decides the Lord has more important things to do than provide her a husband. If she wants one, she needs to catch him herself. So, she writes down the names of all the eligible bachelors in her small Texas town, makes a list of their attributes and drawbacks, closes her eyes, twirls her finger, and ... picks one. But convincing the lucky "husband-to-be" is going to a bit more of a problem. Join Deeanne Gist for another unforgettable tale and find out whether Essie's plan to catch a husband succeeds or if she's just Courting Trouble.

My Review:
This is the first "Christian romance" I've ever finished (only tried one other and it was not good).

This book was a delightful, enjoyable story that was written so that anyone, avid Christian, or just someone looking for a good story, will enjoy it. I loved the message of this story, that you need to love yourself, and not change yourself just to find a love that will only "accept" you if you mold yourself into THEIR idea of perfection. 

Dare I say it, this Christian book has some very forward thinking ideas on Woman's Rights as well as naysaying the idea that a unmarried woman who had "relations" being "soiled goods"!  Good for Miss Gist! I find it amusing that some of the other, more Christian readers reviews on Shelfari, had issue with Essie's one "fall from grace" and the "love scenes" (which were TAME in comparison to traditional romances!). Isn't the whole thing about being a Christian is forgiveness?

As to the Christian aspects-they were tastefully done, not "preachy" and did not have the character getting trod upon in the name of Christianity (which is what happened in the other book I tried). I liked that the message that you can do many "good works"-like some of the "church ladies and gents" in the book-but if you are still a judgmental and gossipy fart that spreads vicious rumors about others, you are not as "Christian" as you might think :).

 I loved the lead character and the townsfolk and I'll be seeking out the next book, Deep In The Heart of Trouble, to read about Essie's next adventures. 

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