Monday, June 28, 2010

Yesterday's Evil by Dorothy Daniels

Yesterday's Evil
Dorothy Daniels, 1979. 172 pages
Gothic Romantic Suspense
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When an innocent man was lynched by the angry people of Arnetville, the local minister called down a devastating curse on his sinful parishioner's. And from that moment the town began slowly, frighteningly, mysteriously, to die . . . years later, lovely Adria Arnet return there as the new owner of the town were she had been born. Adria was determined to discover the truth about its terrifying past so she could start rebuilding Arnetville and reopen the nearby marble quarry. Yet in a to Meridee people only buy a half-crazed old woman, a drunken doctor, and the restless ghost of the dead, Adria found little to encourage her. And least not until a co-owner of the quarry, handsome Owen Sloan, fell in love with Adria and eagerly agreed to help her with her plans. But Adria and Owen couldn't foresee what misfortune awaited those who attempted to stir up long-buried secrets. Nor did they dream of the evil that would soon in danger both their love and their lives. . .

My Review:
Set in Victorian or Edwardian times, Yesterday's Evil was a pretty entertaining old Gothic mystery. Full of "Gothic" treats like an abandoned quarry town, curses, tragedies, unexplained deaths and other things that go bump in the night. The mystery was good enough that I didn't figure out who the villain was and the romance was sweet albeit sappy. 3.5 stars.

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