Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bewitched By Love by Desjardien, Holbrook and King

Bewitched By Love
Zebra Regency Anthology Holiday Special
1996, 380 pages
Teresa Desjardien, Cindy Holbrook and Valerie King


All Hallows Eve ...a night when the impossible happens...when Regency castles are filled with mystery and intrigue...when costume balls in elegant mansions may lead to passionate surprises ...and when ladies and gentlemen of the ton find themselves falling under a spell that may be other-worldly. Or as close as their own hearts these three delightfully mysterious tales...

Teresa DesJardien's The Haunted Bride is the second Lady Healey who has just wed a nobleman whose first marriage ended in tragedy...and whose seductive embrace could bring danger--or the love of a lifetime. In Cindy Holbrook's Love's Magic, a young sorceress meets her destiny in a handsome highborn Duke who is promised to another...a union only the powers of true love can prevent. Valerie King's The Vampire Rogue pairs a charming rake with an heiress, whose newly acquired castle is the setting for a masquerade ball ...and where the resident vampire has his own plans for eternally joining these unlikely lovers.

My Review:

Of the three stories there was one good one, one OK one and one stinker. The Cindy Holbrook story, was the best-I loved the hero and heroine, and the heroines silly, scatterbrained witch Aunties. The last story, King's A Vampire Rogue, started well, but I didn't like the way the hero wanted to make the heroine his "conquest" and his mistress through most of the story. The first, Desjardien's Haunted Bride, was just not good, couldn't finish that one.

So I'd give The Haunted Bride 1 star, Love's Magic 4 stars, and The Vampire Rogue 2.5 stars. Overall, it was interesting to read a traditional Regency with supernatural storylines, but I'd only suggest Bewitched by Love if you can get it cheap or free.
3 stars.

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