Monday, June 21, 2010

Belinda Goes To Bath by Marion Chesney

Belinda Goes To Bath
Marion Chesney
Regency, 1991, 155 pages

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The delightful Miss Pym returns to the English countryside in search of adventure and romance in distress.

With her infallible wisdom and charming demeanor she corn steer even the most misguided of hearts back on course!

No sooner does Miss Pym board her next stagecoach than she finds herself embroiled in the plight of Miss Belinda Earle, a spirited heiress banished to Bath after swearing off the marriage mart!

When the coach founders near Baddell Castle, and the dashing Marquess of Frenton comes to the rescue, Miss Pym decides to give fate a hand! Although the austere bachelor disdains romance, his furtive glances toward Belinda prove to Miss Pym that her expert matchmaking will soon turn this star-crossed couple into a heavenly match!

My Review:
Belinda Goes To Bath is another great installment in The Travelling Matchmaker series. It's fun to see Miss Hannah Pym, the 30 something former servant, who, after inheriting  a modest income from her deceased employer, goes on her dream travel, via the stage coach all about England.

In this installment, Miss Pym's fellow rider that she takes under her wing is Belinda, who is forced to ride the coach, with her companion, to Bath, to cover up a "scandal". After a coach accident, the coach riders are forced to house at the hero's home, the Marquess of Frenton. A series of comedy of errors, scandals, and machinations develop-keeping the hero and heroine apart and Miss Pym on her toes.

4 stars-recommended.

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