Sunday, May 2, 2010

Unfinished-Night Pleasures and Bittersweet

Night Pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon.

I've read the first book in this series and the "mini" book, Dragonswan and enjoyed them, though I wasn't "wowed" by them as many are. Well, I tried the next book, Night Pleasures, and quit it after about 50 pages.

 Sorry to disagree with so many, but these books are not so great to me. I  guess I'm just a older fuddy duddy, but to me, if your entire storyline revolves around sex, sexual innuendo, or the characters internal dialog of how "hot" the other is and how much they'd love to be boinking them? To me that is not a story, but filling pages with easy fluff sex scenes in order to not better develop a storyline. I don't care if it's a romance-it's still a STORY and should be built on more than just sex.

I'm also getting, to be honest, fed up with all the "he's a super perfect chiselled abs Demi god character". What about making a male lead a regular guy? Or even a bit above average guy? What's the fascination with having the perfect, super human male lead?

Also-this was my cover's edition. These "man meat" covers don't float with me either. What is with the "cutting the guy's head off-focusing on his naked sexy body parts". Guess the feminist in me just finds these sorts of covers dehumanizing and sexist in the extreme. So does "romance" mean "oogling" the other sexes body parts?

What's ironic to me is if a book or magazine had a similar cover-of a naked WOMAN"S bare chest with HER head cut off, most woman would find that VERY offensive! What makes it OK for woman to do that to men?

Guess this series is just not for me.

Bittersweet by Anita Mills

Read for ROR Spring Challenge

I couldn't get into this one and I normally like Anita Mills books but this one's is just too depressing. Story takes place right at the end of the Civil War and is brutal, and very "anti North" as the two leads are Southerners. Even though I'm a Southerner, I didn't like how the author portrayed Northern characters in the story. As we all know, there was faults and "bad actors" on BOTH sides.

Quit it about 60 pages in-others may like this one though.

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