Saturday, May 15, 2010

Unfinished-The Blushing Bride by Judith Stacy

Read For:
ROR Spring Challenge


The last thing Jason Kruger needed was a city woman and her catalog of love!
He ran a lumber camp, not a lonely hearts club. But Amanda Pierce, matchmaker extraordinaire, offered wedded bliss to his crew ...and made him crave a life he never dreamed he'd desire!
How on earth had Amanda found herself at loggerheads with a high timber man wearing a mountain-size attitude? If Jason Kruger hadn't written requesting a mail-order bride, who had? And if he truly didn't want her in his life, why was he trying so hard not to get rid of her?

My Review:
short and sweet-the hero was a jerk and a bully and the heroine was way too flighty and "too stupid to live" for the storyline and the time period-not recommended. Quit it about 125 pages in. 1 star.

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