Monday, March 15, 2010

A run of bad books

Well, I've not posted for awhile. No, I've not fallen from the face of the earth, I've just had a RUN of Sucky books. 6 in a row unfinished! Instead of giving each it's own posts I'll just post them here.
1-Double Wedding by Alix Melbourne-quit it 60 pages in. A "twins" Regency-which is hard to pull off anyway, but this one was STUPID.

2-Winter Rose by Patricia McKillip-I've enjoyed other McKillip books-this one just didn't grab me-quit it about 70 pages in.

3-Chasing Silver by Jamie Craig-a paranormal romance.In a word-this book is too stupid for Sci Fi OR Romance. Quit it after 56 painful pages.

4-The Confessions of a Duchess by Nicola Cornick, historical romance. This one started OK, but got so boring that I quit it with only 100 pages to go-just didn't want to waste anymore time on it.

5-The Scandals of An Innocent by Nicola CornickOk-I read the first book in this series(see above) but quit it before the last 100 pages-it was that boring.

Well, the premise of this book would kind of be like(via Sense and Sensibility) if Wickham, after leaving Marianne for the richer heiress, was rejected by the richer heiress and came back to Marianne-if Marianne would have been rich, of course-LOL. But in this book, it's not nearly as interesting.

Yes, the "hero" is a complete ass and the heroine lets herself be a doormat to him. At the point where he decides to BLACKMAIL her into Wedlock, I quit in disgust.

Authors-the only reason most women like "rakes" in romances, is if their is something in your writing of the character that foreshadows redemption! That is just not here. 1 star for a pretty cover.

6-Murder At The Feast of Rejoicing by Lynda Robinson-historical mystery set in Egypt-this one was disappointing as I've read and enjoyed the first two in this series. This one was BORING-quit it 70 pages in.

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