Monday, March 15, 2010

The Prisoner by Cheryl Reavis

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On the Run

Union Captain John Howe escaped a living hell when he tunneled his way out of a Confederate prison camp, though his ordeal was far from over. Now he was saddled with his own prisoner, the sad, stubborn Amanda Douglas, on a journey that would change their lives forever . . . .

Even her previous Spartan existence had not prepared Amanda for the dangerous trek she was now making-entirely against her will. But when John gazed at her through his beautiful, haunted eyes, bright with fever, she was lost. Could a privileged Yankee son and a poor, proud Rebel girl keep their love safe from the rest of the world?

My Review:
I chose this book from my mammoth TBR pile because I needed an "unread" genre and I do not normally like romances set in Civil War era. This book was so good I may change that :)

I enjoyed how the author was sympathetic to both character "sides" and chose to write the story more on the horrors of war than showing one side as "right or wrong" over the other. The story was well researched, dramatic and very stirring. Definitely more love than passion, and if you read the story you'll understand why.

I enjoyed John and Amanda's story and will be searching out other of this authors books at the used book store.
4.5 stars

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